Block of the Month 2: Stripey Goodness blocks

Block 2:  Stripey Goodness blocks


Note:  My directions piece on the diagonal.  If you don’t have strings long enough, feel free to piece straight up and down stripes.  It’s your quilt, do what works best for your supplies!



(Throw Version, 2 12.5” blocks)


You need a variety of strings.  Aim for a variety of lengths, with at least some measuring  19-20.”



If you choose to paper piece this one, you need 2 larger sheets of newsprint that measure 12.5” square.

You can choose to use a muslin to back this one, using a 13” square to  sew onto.

You can also choose to free piece this one and trim the block down to 12.5”.  You may wish to starch the strings to prevent stretch.  If you’ve cut the strings on grain, this should not be a problem.

If you paper piece or piece to muslin, you can glue stick your first strip to the paper or muslin.  Start by laying your first piece on the diagonal of the square.  Sew to each side of the center strip, using a ¼” seam.  Press each seam as you go for the flattest block possible.  Trim the block down at the end.

You should have 2 12.5” blocks.

(Mini Version, 2 6.5” blocks)


Collect strings of various sizes.  Strips should range in length of 10”-5”.  

You can either paper piece this one or improv it.  



If using standard piecing, sew strips together.   You’re aiming for a square with the strings set on a diagonal(ish) format.  You can press seams open or to one side.  Feel free to starch the strings if the bias makes you nervous.  Trim each block down to 6.5”.

If you are paper piecing, start with 2 6.5” squares of paper.  You can glue stick your first strip to the paper.  Sew the strips together using ¼” seams.  If you have an add a quarter ruler, you can use it to trim.  If paper piecing, leave the paper on and trim blocks down to 6.5”.  Do not remove papers until block is sewn in.