2020 Board Members

Jennifer Durovchic, Vice President


Jennifer Durovchic, Roswell

Jennifer first noticed quilts as a child visiting the Pennsylvania Amish country where she saw a quilt with bright colors and a white background, a look she still likes to this day.  In 2013, she took a class in modern quilting, which then led to her joining the Houston Modern Quilt Guild, and then the AMQG when she moved back to Atlanta.

Her mother sewed dresses for her when she was little until the incident in which Jennifer cut a hole in the front of the dress just to see what would happen.  This was also the day she attempted to open a can of corned beef for lunch and cut her finger open.  She then waved her bleeding finger all around.  The walls of the house were never the same.  In spite of this incident, her mother still slept in on Saturdays leaving Jennifer to her own devices.  Eventually she began to work on craft projects that did not involve cutting her clothes or her hands.

As a Girl Scout, where her mother was the leader, she learned about sewing, tie dyeing, and other crafts.  Her first “patchwork” project was a pillow made from all her mum’s scraps.  (Her mother still has it even though the stuffing is leaking.)  She also likes to do crewel and embroidery, as well as paper crafts.

In 2018, Jennifer’s goal is to finish a few works in progress, better organize her sewing room, and find a way to use her great grandmother’s embroidery scraps in a project or two.

Christie Berry, SecretaryVice-President

Christie Berry, Dunwoody

Christie grew up in central Florida with a mom who encouraged her to try every craft in the craft store.  Born with an engineer’s brain, she has always enjoyed figuring out how to construct things.  For a while, her passion was building dollhouses.  However, it turns out dollhouses are difficult to store, and not fun to cuddle with when complete.

Her first quilt was a queen-sized disaster that included extra high loft poly batting.  She made a few more quilts because she liked the process but was never really in love with the fabric or design.  In 2010, she was pregnant with her second son and went online to research some ideas for a baby quilt.  This is when she discovered Modern quilting, designer quilt fabric (Tula Pink!) and a true love for quilting.  She joined Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild in 2015.

Christie’s day job is forecasting manager for a big box retailer headquartered in Atlanta.  She lives in Dunwoody with her husband and two sons.  When she isn’t quilting, you can usually find her watching little league baseball games.


Cat Crain, Decatur

Cat grew up in Houston, Texas and was born into a long line of crafty women. Her love of all crafts began at a very early age with projects like Latch Hook and Painting. It wasn’t until her 30th birthday that she finally decided to take on the “daunting” thought of sewing and found a Groupon for a local company teaching beginner sewing lessons. It was during one of these classes that a woman asked if she could use her “quarter-inch foot” that started a conversation that would lead to her passionate fascination with quilting. She joined the Guild in 2017. It was then that she felt she finally found “her people.”

Cat loves all types of sewing and quilting. She has recently taken on the obsession of Bag Construction and hopes to have her shop up and running later this year with creations she has made. Other than sewing and quilting, Cat also enjoying learning new crafts, watching TV and movies, listening to audio books, going to see live music, and yoga. She is a big fan of shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, so just drop a comment about Daryl or something about Hilltop or House Stark to get a conversation going.

Cat moved to Atlanta in 2011 to be closer to her older sister and two nieces. She has adopted two fur babies named Cali and Tex. Yes, they are cats (just like her namesake), but she is a lover of ALL ANIMALS and even has a tortoise named Terra that moved in along with her boyfriend. For her 9 to 5 she works as a Cost Accountant for an Electrical Engineering Company. Although she stares at numbers all day long, all she really thinks about all day is what her next sewing project will be.

You can find her on Instagram as KitCatCrain or CatCrainCreations if you want to see her show off her stuff.


Sarah Craighead

Sarah learned to sew at a tender age while making clothes for her troll doll.  Her trend towards garment sewing continued for many years until she discovered that quilting did not require zippers and buttonholes.

Sarah grew up in Kentucky but spent many of her adult years traveling across the country with the National Park Service.  She has quilting friends from Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and now Georgia where she and her husband, Rick and dog, Carson decided to retire.  Sarah started with a very traditional style of quilting, that was encouraged by her time living in the west.  As more vibrant fabrics became available, she realized that she was drawn to color and modern patterns and the idea of fewer quilting rules!

She fits her quilting in between other activities, particularly Scottish Country Dancing which she and Rick picked up years ago in Tucson, Arizona.  Last year they traveled to Calgary, Maryland, Santa Fe, and North and South Carolina to dance and visit with other dancing friends.


Rebecca Drumm