January 2018 Meeting

Call to order

Oliva called the meeting to order and welcomed the new members and guests.

Round Robin Introductions

Jennifer asked everyone to go around the room and introduce himself or herself, and talk about their hometown, how long they have been quilting and how long they have been a member of the guild.  It was great to hear that we had a few of the original members of our guild still in our midst!

Treasurer’s Report

Katey provided the treasurer’s report.  We will not be posting the accounts balances online. However, any member is welcome to ask for the information and it will be provided at each meeting. 2018 dues of $35 are payable to Katey.  We now have the capability to take credit card payments in person via SQUARE. You may pay online from the website via Paypal.  (Paypal and Square dues are slightly higher to cover the cost of associated fees.)  Cash and personal checks are accepted as well.

Website/Social Media Updates

If you made it this far, you have seen all of the fabulous updates to the new website by Katey.  All of the URLs owned by the guild now point to the same place.

Featured Quilter- Each month we plan to feature a quilter from the membership on the site.  Check out our first post featuring Brian White!  If you would like to nominate someone to be featured (or would like to be featured), please let us know via email

Guest Posting- We are looking for volunteers to post an article to the guild site (how-to’s, how I work, quilting space ideas, etc…)  If you have something exciting happening in your quilty life please share it.

Ideas or suggestions- This is your guild!  If you have any ideas to make the site better, let us know.  Most potential members check us out online before joining.  Let’s let the world know what a talented and fun group is here in Atlanta.

We have a Instagram account and a Twitter account, that are not currently being utilized but are examining different ways that we can use them to better communicate about the guild.

Upcoming Quilt Shows and Classes

If you have a show or event that you would like the guild to know about please contact Christie ( so I can get it added.

Original Sewing and Quilt Expo  Duluth, GA Infinite Energy Center  March 8, 9 & 10, 2018

Quilters of the Southern Crescent have some openings in their upcoming classes with renowned quilter Mark Sherman.  2 classes are available Fabric Weaving and Machine Applique on February 23rd and 24th.  Please contact if you are interested

January Program- Elisabeth Frolet

If you missed the first 2018 meeting of AMQG, you really missed some serious inspiration by the talented Elisabeth Frolet. Not only did she regale us with a HUGE stack of incredible quilts, but she enlightened us on what it was like beginning her quilting journey in France, where quilting is a relatively new activity.

While we have been quilting since the 1800’s here in America, it was really only introduced to the creative community in France about 30 years ago. As a matter of fact, there were so few sources of quilting information where Elisabeth lived; she started her pieces by copying pictures from one lone book she just happened to find. No patterns, half of the pictures only in black and white, but her imagination brought them to life…and she does it all by hand!

Show and Tell

January 2018 Featured Quilter: Brian White

Our own Brian White was a featured billboard artist for local company (and our newsletter provider!) MailChimp.

Here’s the content of the Artist Spotlight post from MailChimp’s blog:

Brian White never really thought of himself as a visual artist. But he’s always had a knack for math, which is how he landed in his first quilting class 5 years ago. It was there that he learned a technique that involves cutting a piece of fabric into hexagrams and rearranging them into kaleidoscopic shapes.

“I was hooked,” he says, “and I’ve been quilting ever since.”

We got wind of Brian’s psychedelic designs and asked him if he’d be up for a custom commission. Brian’s creation, which he calls “Groovy Chimp,” is a celebration of his favorite kaleidoscopic technique. We love it so much that we’re not only hanging it in our office—we’re exhibiting it on a 25-foot-wide billboard.



It wasn’t until we had Brian over to MailChimp that we realized how many of our employees—from engineers to customer support folks—moonlight as quilters.

“We’re a clandestine bunch,” Brian explains. “You never know who’s going to show up at the quilting guild.”

I asked Brian whether he considers himself a typical quilter, and he quickly responded, “No way!” In fact, he prides himself on being as atypical as possible. “But that’s the beauty of it,” he says. “I’m a realtor by day, a musical theater performer by night, and a quilter into the wee hours of the morning. Quilters and artists come in all shapes and sizes.”

We sat down with Brian and talked with him about quilting, art, and creative inspiration.

Where do you—and other quilters—usually show your art?

Quilting is a solitary art form. We chain ourselves to our sewing machines for hours on end until that last stitch is complete. Then we crawl out of our studios and head to the first guild meeting we can find for a good old fashioned “show and tell.” There are also quilt shows, locally and nationally, where we can show our work, as well as many Facebook quilter’s groups with thousands of quilters who encourage and educate each other and are always eager to stroke the egos of their fellow fiber artists.

What’s the inspiration for your design?

Five years ago, I took my very first quilting class on a technique by Maxine Rosenthal from her book, One Block Wonder. I became fascinated with kaleidoscopic hexagrams and the countless variations which could be made using only one fabric. I had always wanted to design a quilt with this technique, but utilizing multiple fabrics instead of just one. This idea which had been floating around in my head for years lent itself perfectly to my end product, “Groovy Chimp.”

What’s the best advice you have about how to be more creative?

Let your mind run wild with ideas before you even allow yourself to formulate a plan as to how to execute that idea. If you’re working from a pattern, allow yourself to stray from that pattern. Also, every now and then, just sit down and start creating without a single idea as to where you will end.

You can follow Brian on Instagram at @brian_white_quilts. If you’re in Atlanta, check out Brian’s design on our Krog Street billboard.

This article was originally published on the MailChimp blog, all content is copyright MailChimp.

View the original article:

Billboard Artist Spotlight: Brian White Quilts His Way to New Heights


Do you want to nominate a member to be our featured quilter? Let us know by commenting below or send us an email if you would rather nominate privately.

December 2017 Meeting

Crystal and Olivia called the meeting to order and welcomed new guests.

New Logo:
Katey presented two new options for the guild logo. Discussion on the origin of the guild name was held.  Guild will be reverting to “Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild” as that has been the legal name all along. Members voted on the new logo options and the oval outline was the winner.

Request for a Blog Button to be created for the updated website.

Treasurer’s Report:
No report was given this meeting.

Show and Tell:
Several members showed their quilts. Tara revealed her Churned Up quilt for which she is selling a pattern.

President’s Quilt:
Crystal was presented with her President’s Quilt as a thank you for 2 years of service as our fearless leader. Blocks were made by guild members, quilting by Nikki and binding by Olivia.

Potholder swap:
Those who brought in a potholder to exchange drew numbers from a bag to determine order of gift selection.  Up to 3 steals were allowed.  Turns out this group likes to steal from each other. 🙂

Holiday party with lots of delicious food.